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Shout Box History
MS_PFCLancer: I'll get messages faster if you use our website.
29-11-2016 2:48:pm
Lingus: Lancer, I sent you a message on Steam Chat, please read and reply.
28-11-2016 11:19:am
Lingus: Thank-you Lancer!
28-11-2016 12:29:am
MS_PFCLancer: Done
27-11-2016 6:01:pm
MS_Midnight: I've got a mission named "Frogman UDT/SEALS" up on the test server file browser, if you could upload it to the test sever that'd be great.
26-11-2016 6:19:pm
MS_PFCLancer: No
24-11-2016 5:13:pm
MS_Midnight: Is there a way to rollback teamspeak data from a clean installation?
24-11-2016 1:47:am
MS_PFCLancer: Next time I see you on I'll fix that for you and I'll also show you what to backup for next time.
22-11-2016 5:59:pm
MS_Midnight: Due to a recent fresh install on my end. My teamspeak 3 client on the ts does not have any permissions.
20-11-2016 2:13:pm
MS_Scout: My mistake, I'll get right now it.
08-11-2016 10:21:pm
Lingus: Wow you were able to add Midnight to the list of Team Members, but I'm still MIA
08-11-2016 9:20:pm
MS_Scout: If I'm going to keep this up ,I need to learn it on my own
08-11-2016 12:40:am
MS_PFCLancer: For that matter I can do it if I had the password. I've done it for us since A2
06-11-2016 9:14:am
MS_PFCLancer: Scout, we need to talk. I can help with the edit. Just open the file on the server to edit it.
06-11-2016 9:13:am
MS_PFCLancer: Lingus should have his tags. You're the only one that shouldn't at this point. At least till we get the file edited
06-11-2016 9:11:am
MS_Midnight: Yep, understood. Lingus was stating that he had his tags.
06-11-2016 12:38:am
MS_Scout: It's a different Site that runs the XML for the tags. will get it fixed.
05-11-2016 3:31:pm
MS_Scout: Hey Midnight , We're working on it.
05-11-2016 3:30:pm
MS_Midnight: that's been the case for a while, if you haven't noticed.
05-11-2016 12:52:pm
MS_Midnight: no, they have not. If you would look ingame. You would see that the clan info is not showing.
05-11-2016 12:52:pm
Lingus: My tags have always been working.
05-11-2016 11:18:am
MS_Midnight: Hm, interesting. I know Lingus's tags arent' working either? Glad to see you typing again scout
05-11-2016 10:56:am
MS_Scout: page/ site
04-11-2016 10:30:pm
MS_Scout: or better yet I don't have an account with that pager yet..
04-11-2016 10:29:pm
MS_Scout: yooooo I found the problem. I got toget the XML Progarm.don't have it
04-11-2016 10:28:pm
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