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MS_Midnight: hey Lancer, sorry I couldn't be on TS tonight. Really haven't been feeling well.
23-12-2016 10:28:pm
MS_Midnight: Better yet, can you hop on TS for a couple of minutes so we can get this all sorted audibly or is that not possible at the current moment?
23-12-2016 5:59:pm
MS_Midnight: okay, cool. Can you PM me that command password you put in there?
23-12-2016 5:56:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Done
23-12-2016 4:38:pm
MS_Midnight: yeah if you could catch me on TS tonight, that'd be great.
22-12-2016 2:49:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Too much info here, catch me on TS tonight
21-12-2016 5:06:pm
MS_Midnight_(school): That'll all be mission sided, in conjunction with server sided
21-12-2016 10:51:am
MS_Midnight_(school): Also, I want to setup some server command side of things. For things like team killing, the player will be kicked for excessive team killing, this'll have to be setup with a server command password.
21-12-2016 10:45:am
MS_Midnight_(school): In addition to that, make sure all of the difficulties listed in the white list have the difficulty of "custom" in the string.
21-12-2016 10:44:am
MS_Midnight_(school): so for any new missions, we'll need the whitelist to be changed. As people kept putting up BIS coop missions, and this after all is a txt server. If you are however to change the whitelist names, don't change the classname change the template string
21-12-2016 10:38:am
MS_Midnight_(School): If you have the pro names exactly as I gave them to you, the whitelist should work fine. Otherwise, there will be no missions showing other than frogman. Double check the names, and look at the whitelist I made
21-12-2016 10:36:am
Lingus: The .pbo for Island Hoppers, Island Hopping Lite, and Sector Control In Jungle are on the TvT File Browser.
21-12-2016 8:28:am
Lingus: Sorry, I thought Midnight would have gotten with you, I'll have the files up on TS3 later
21-12-2016 7:26:am
MS_PFCLancer: Do you have copies? what are the names? Telling me they are gone is not news to me.
20-12-2016 5:31:pm
Lingus: All of our custom missions except FROGMAN are gone from the TvT Server
20-12-2016 12:31:pm
MS_Midnight: okay, cool.
15-12-2016 11:42:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Servers have all been upgraded to server 2012R2 Some configuration will still need done but everything is running again
15-12-2016 10:57:pm
MS_PFCLancer: *day
15-12-2016 6:50:am
MS_PFCLancer: Servers will be down for maintenance and updates throughout the dat, sorry for the inconvenience.
15-12-2016 6:49:am
MS_PFCLancer: All but the test server are back up and running.
14-12-2016 10:46:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Preforming a disaster recovery, servers will be down longer than expected due to 2 major errors. I do have the main server back up and running but the others will be from older backups
14-12-2016 6:26:pm
14-12-2016 6:24:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Some machines will be down here and there for maintenance.
14-12-2016 5:51:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Everything is back up and running properly.
14-12-2016 5:47:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Had to do some maintenance on the Host server because C drive was running out of room.
14-12-2016 5:33:pm
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