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MS_PFCLancer: Servers will be offline for a bit. I'm moving the phisical server to another location.
22-01-2017 11:14:am
MS_Midnight: retract last.
21-01-2017 7:03:pm
MS_Midnight: Hey Lancer, can you pull all the frogman files from the testing server and the tvt server temporarily?
21-01-2017 6:59:pm
MS_Midnight: anybody want to group up tonight for a TvT match?
18-01-2017 11:25:am
MS_Midnight: it''s fine, I was just curious. Not using it personally.
13-01-2017 8:08:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Testing a mission....sorry
13-01-2017 5:10:pm
Midnight_(School): what is the mission testing server being used for now?
13-01-2017 10:30:am
MS_PFCLancer: Done
03-01-2017 9:09:pm
Lingus: Lancer, would you pleaseload Island Hopping Lite to the TvT Server? It'sin the same Folder as the large version in the File Browser. See the second .pbo "Lite".
03-01-2017 8:44:pm
MS_PFCLancer: I was.....till I had to go to work this morning!
03-01-2017 5:44:pm
MS_Scout: Happy New Year 2017
01-01-2017 1:27:am
MS_PFCLancer: Done.
29-12-2016 5:30:pm
Lingus: The .pbo for all four missions are on the File Transfer for TvT Server.
29-12-2016 4:12:pm
MS_Midnight: I sent you a PM for the list of them. Probably wont make it to TS tonight.
29-12-2016 3:20:pm
MS_PFCLancer: I'm on TS at night catch me then
29-12-2016 6:33:am
MS_PFCLancer: there are a lot of PBOs you have to tell me which ones from which channel...I'm trying to keep the servers clean.
29-12-2016 6:33:am
Lingus: The .pbo files are in the File Transfer
28-12-2016 8:54:pm
MS_Midnight: Okay, so is it possible to then get those same pbos back on?
28-12-2016 7:38:pm
MS_PFCLancer: And yes to that, that's all there is. You must have been absent at some point I had a major issue with the servers and they have been rebuilt, hense no .pbos
28-12-2016 7:01:pm
MS_PFCLancer: TS is the only place to get this stuff straight
28-12-2016 6:23:pm
MS_Midnight: I believe at this point, you'll need the mission .pbos to be within the same directory of the server files. The only .pbo it seems to pickup on is the frogman, any ideas?
27-12-2016 11:13:pm
MS_Midnight: Hey Lancer, looks like the TvT server is still wonky.
27-12-2016 11:07:pm
MS_Midnight: Happy holidays all!
25-12-2016 2:37:pm
MS_Midnight: thanks
25-12-2016 2:37:pm
Lingus: I was afraid of this---feel better, man!
24-12-2016 12:54:am
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