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Shout Box History
MS_Midnight: Yep, sure did. Feels amazing flying the A-10 around at a 12,000 meter view distance. Smooth framerate too!
22-02-2017 6:19:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Installing the Beta now....anyone else?
22-02-2017 5:56:pm
MS_Midnight: Yes!
20-02-2017 2:01:am
MS_Scout: Was taken care of........
19-02-2017 5:32:pm
MS_Midnight: This nfl jersey spamming is crazy, please go spam somehwere else.
19-02-2017 2:00:pm
MS_Midnight: copy that
16-02-2017 9:54:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Done but please send these kind of messages through PMs not in this shout box..
16-02-2017 8:20:pm
MS_Midnight: new vtol supremacy pbo on the tvt file transfer.
16-02-2017 5:36:pm
MS_Scout: Try Google. It's your Friend. Please don't spam our website with advertisements
16-02-2017 1:16:pm
Midnight: Could you take a look at the logs please? If it is i dont know.where to start
16-02-2017 11:57:am
MS_PFCLancer: Please send messages concerning the servers in a PM. I will be disregarding anything in the chat box from now on.
16-02-2017 11:53:am
MS_PFCLancer: The mission was loaded early this morning. Perhaps the mission is the reason for the freeze.
16-02-2017 11:51:am
Lingus: The TvT Server is frozen, can we get a restart and the VTOL Supremacy mission loaded?
16-02-2017 8:34:am
Lingus: OK can you please put it up on the TvT Server? The .pbo is on the Test File Transfer
15-02-2017 9:05:am
MS_PFCLancer: I just realized that you are asking to put it on the Test server. You have a test server for TvT.
15-02-2017 6:25:am
Lingus: Lancer we are on TS if you need help finding the file.
14-02-2017 8:26:pm
MS_PFCLancer: And where might I find that? Send me a PM please
14-02-2017 8:14:pm
MS_Midnight: you mind putting that TVOL SUPREMACY pbo on the mission test server though?
14-02-2017 7:46:pm
MS_Midnight: yeah I'll do so.
14-02-2017 7:45:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Might want to suppress those updates and do it manually every month.
14-02-2017 7:42:pm
MS_Midnight: should be back up within the next couple of minutes
14-02-2017 7:07:pm
MS_Midnight: Sorry for the downtime on the western server, Windows did a forced update. I had no control over it.
14-02-2017 7:07:pm
MS_Midnight: I appreciate it Scout, hopefully I didn't stress you out
14-02-2017 6:57:pm
MS_Midnight: Hey Scout, can you upload a testing server pbo?
14-02-2017 6:43:pm
MS_Scout: The only reason it's back up is because I got by home yesterday evening. When I sent that message in the forum ,it was from my cell phone. I don't have a laptop or internet connection while in the field with the military. It's up & running now , what's the hold up on the game running now?
14-02-2017 6:28:pm
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