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MS_PFCLancer: The servers will be back up later t9oday but since no one is using the TvsT server I will be taking it down tonight
18-08-2017 4:24:pm
MS_PFCLancer: It's crashing more often now
18-08-2017 4:23:pm
MS_PFCLancer: It's getting old
18-08-2017 12:29:am
MS_PFCLancer: there is a memory problem on the physical server and every 10 days it shuts down
14-08-2017 8:10:pm
MS_Midnight: LOL, either way I guess the teamspeak + a3 servrs were down mysteriously.
13-08-2017 11:59:pm
MS_PFCLancer: lol that was posted a month ago
12-08-2017 1:00:am
MS_Midnight: Including the teamspeak? Who would even wan't to attack you? Crazy stuff.
11-08-2017 3:06:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Due to attacks on the servers, the ArmA servers will remain offline for a bit
12-07-2017 9:02:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Nothing like working 22 hour shifts.....damn hackers!!!
29-06-2017 8:23:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Well there they are.
12-06-2017 1:32:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Not sure why the servers are not showing on the site. They show up on GameTracker and the IP address is the same. Has to be something on our site.
12-06-2017 1:31:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Back up.
25-05-2017 12:43:am
MS_PFCLancer: Power outage again, will be back
25-05-2017 12:06:am
MS_PFCLancer: Had a power outage for over 30 minutes so the servers shutdown own their own. Battery backup is only good for 45 min. Servers are back up and running normally.
24-05-2017 9:30:pm
MS_PFCLancer: upload is 15 Megs
20-05-2017 1:35:pm
MS_Midnight: Lol, good to hear. What's your upload speed in kb/s?
19-05-2017 2:24:pm
MS_PFCLancer: lol Servers
16-05-2017 4:18:pm
MS_PFCLancer: All server have it now
16-05-2017 4:18:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Server now have the Jets DLC
16-05-2017 4:18:pm
MS_PFCLancer: Servers will be down for a bit for maintenance
13-05-2017 4:50:pm
MS_Midnight: The environment looks pretty damn cool though
27-02-2017 11:11:pm
MS_Midnight: yeah the new ghost recon doesn't look the best. Too casual for me personally.
27-02-2017 10:50:pm
MS_Midnight: yeah, I read it as steam. Didn't realize it was "Stem"
26-02-2017 12:25:am
MS_PFCLancer: I meant Steam in case you misunderstood.
24-02-2017 10:43:pm
MS_Midnight: Hmmm...
24-02-2017 10:28:pm
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